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  • Saket Jain, Founder and CEO Impact Wealth Builders, Investor, Tech Enthusiast, Philanthropist, more!
  • Brian Tracy, Iconic Speaker, Author, and Trainer
  • Chris Gronkowski, NFL Player, ABC’s Shark Tank Guest, and Founder of Ice Shaker
  • Bob Beaudine, CEO of Eastman-Beaudine, Speaker, and Author
  • Brian Buffini, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Real Estate Trainer
  • Erika De La Cruz, Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Editor-in-Chief of The LA Girl 
  • David Imonitie, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author
  • Kyle Wilson, Founder of Jim Rohn International, Marketer, and Speaker

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Saket Jain

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Avatar Shannon Anderson

Incredibly relatable

This book was an absolute delight to read and was hard to put down. The authors besides the obvious success they have each had, were relatable and honest. So many times books like these only show the success.. not the road to get there. Thank you for bringing so many authors together in this collaborative effort! LOVED the book, bought 4 so I could gift some.. I'll be keeping one for me 🙂

Avatar Jackee H

The Power of Purpose:Leaning into Serving Others

This book arrived on a day that I was home sick allowing me to devour the contents of resilience, hope, and the gift of servant leadership as just a few of my takeaways. The authors are generous in sharing how they overcame setbacks, fears, and experiences with bullies, and thoughtfully used those painful moments to make a difference in the lives of others. I highly recommend this book to offset what we see so much of in today's society of "what's in it for me." You will walk away appreciating victory over victimhood mentality.

Avatar Danny A Meadows

Great book! Great Authors

At a time when things look discouraging, came a great book with lots of great authors. Laura Thompson spoke to my heart with her powerful story. This story helped me expand from a limited viewpoint to a broader viewpoint and is well summed when she said: "The labyrinth of life expanded from an Earthly existence to one of other worlds where life-after-life and life-between-lives exist."

Avatar Mrs. Sharron A. Moody

Be inspired to go big!

Forty-Five authors share their journey to act on their dreams of achieving success. Each story is unique. If you think you can't, that plan won't work! Read on to gain advice that will benefit your situation.

Avatar James Eddie Allen

Life is Short.....

Laura Thompson's entry, A Global Citizen's Labyrinth of Life. The Journey That Led to Compassionate Leadership, on page 52...."Having a sense of humor and a desire to have fun despite the curve balls thrown at you in life is a choice. Life is short. Enjoy it"....may wind up on my tombstone.


Instead of purchasing the book on Amazon, get a signed hard copy of Saket Jain’s book sent to
you for free, as a thank you for setting up an investor introductory call with us.

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