How today’s immigrants build wealth as they build community

Non-traditional real estate investing is the purposeful path to building financial freedom

Free 7-day Passive Investing Mini Course Advance Notice List

About Impact Wealth Builders

At Impact Wealth Builders, our mission is Delivering High-Yield Returns to Socially-Minded Investors and Empowering the Next Generation of Wealth Builders. Our core belief is that a true Wealth Builder is interested in growing their personal wealth, building a family legacy and uplifting communities. We partner with our investors on cash flowing multifamily apartments to diversify their portfolio and enable them to be part of supporting a bigger cause – uplifting underprivileged kids with education. While our investors will have an option to redirect part of their distributions to the cause, Impact Wealth Builders has pledged a portion of all our profits towards charities that support the cause.


Free 7-day Passive Investing Mini Course

Learn whether passive real estate investing is right for you, the risks involved, how to get started, and much more.

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What you’ll discover…

  • How to accelerate your path to financial freedom through investing in real estate
  • Whether passive real estate investing is right for you and your goals
  • The process of investing in a real estate syndication and the risks you should know about

Why Invest in Real Estate

Inflation Protection
Portfolio Diversification
Enhanced Risk-Adjusted Return
Regular and Growing Passive Cash Flow
Equity Appreciation
Tax Benefits

Impact Wealth Builders Process


Explore how to invest in high-yield assets while paying it forward to the next generation of wealth builders.


Let’s have a deep-dive discussion about investment opportunities that meet your financial, lifestyle, & philanthropic goals.


Passively invest with experienced asset managers in high-performing tax-advantaged opportunities.


Reinvest the returns from your expanding portfolio for further diversification and compounding growth.


Allocate a portion of your returns towards social causes, making a difference in the lives of future generations.


Lock arms with mission-minded investors to continually grow your wealth while positively transforming communities.

Invest With Us

You’re invited to join a thriving group of investors on a mission to generate more wealth while positively transforming communities.  To join, complete a short questionnaire and schedule a call to connect.


Free 7-day Passive Investing Mini Course Advance Notice List

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